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When the old man starts to go crazy. the other people decides to just cower in fear and listen to all his orders. He only has a baton, none of the younger men even thought of just overpowering him.
I'm pretty sure this guy did just that. Not that it did him much good.

Originally Posted by Aniwatcher View Post
When one of the workers had a nail gun and thought to use it on the old men to put and end to the madness, The cop lady uttered the dumbest statist thing ever "don't use it, I will save everyone"!!.
Well, in all probability, the guy with the nail gun was Kamui, so he wouldn't have done anything anyway. But yeah it's not like Aoyanagi knew that, and her decision-making was pretty questionable in general to say the least. But hey, at least they had her go out in gorgeous and surprisingly detailed lingerie (so that's where the budget for this season went!) in order to make up for that idiot ball they passed her.
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