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Somehow this season does not sit right with me at all.

We are reusing last season's problem: Not being spotted by scan. And yet instead of being more mature and experienced about this, they act like complete retards. Many times worse then back in season 1 when this type of case was completely new. WTF?

And why the hell self defence classes are not part of inspector's training? Especially after everything that happened in season 1?

And Mika... oh boy... I tried not to mind her until now but she really took a cake here. Whole building locked, crime coefficient rising and... nothing! Then some random dude answers inspector's phone and announces something clearly insane and she goes "We didn't get an order."

Are you a f*cking retard?! Some psycho got a hold of inspector's phone and you are waiting for that exact inspector to answer when she most likely is already dead?!

There is one thing to be rule obsessed and another to be an IDIOT! How the hell did you become an inspector with no common sense?

You better have a proper think over of your actions! If you still can't figure out why you were taken off duty, you dear Mika, should retire right away! I'm not going to deal with your idiocy any more. You were far more likeable in season 1.

And are all inspectors dumb? Whole building taken over, clearly by someone, scared victims half naked and crying are running to safety and you freaking shoot them? Of course their coefficient is high, they got abducted!

This episode was not a shocker, it was extremely painful to watch because of how much characters are lacking common sense here. Akane seem to be the only saint in this season!

What happened to all of that cool build up from season 1? I loved that season! This one however, is a complete disaster so far.
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