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Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
As mechalord pointed out, the antagonist is trying to do something different. What Makishima attempted ultimately did not break the system. But was he really trying to break the system, or was his goal more personal/selfish? This time, the antagonist is directly challenging the system in order to bring it down - that's his goal. That's already a key difference, so I don't see the 'rinse-and-repeat' issue that you seem to have.
The rinse and repeat mention merely points out the issue I have with the second season: Kamui and Makishima don't have the same perspective, ambitions nor motivations, yet their purpose and goal are exactly the same.
Following this, it is yet another "a special individual is challenging the system" situation where the very same shortcomings appear to be obvious.

When a system is flawed, logically speaking, those in control of such system would either 1) fix the actual issue or 2) elaborate counter measures.
Yet, we still have enforcers and inspectors being completely useless the moment they can't use the dominator on their target.
Simply put, it is as if Makishima's actions didn't affect anything to the point the system is the -very- same than prior S1 ep1, which is ludicrous no matter how you look at it, since Sybil is not a machine or an IA, but a collective consciousness plugged on brains that can learn. As such, having the -very same- ol' system doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
Also, we are four episodes into an 11-episode series, with all indications being that this is the core plotline of this series. So why would there be much progress in terms of a solution, especially when the key actors who can enact a solution (i.e. the brains that run Sibyl) don't actually want to own up to the problem in the first place?
It is exactly because it is only a 1 cour series that I'm really questioning the need of such presentation.
Having again the same pattern, taking already a quarter of the episode count to have an obvious reminder of the system weakness is a big deal, especially that some characters aside of Akane should be aware of the that (Ginoza knows full well about Makishima with all the crap happened in S1, yet still couldn't really believe Kamui exist).

Meanwhile, it is extremely doubtful Sybil would ignore such kind of issue. Past the possibility of capturing another brain to their collection, if they don't have any appropriate countermeasure for this kind of individual, their rule could be put in jeopardy altogether.
Originally Posted by mechalord View Post
The Overlords don't care if cops die. All they care about is perfecting the system and running the city.

And they do like having their system cracked. Everyone who does it or impresses them gets "invited" into the hive mind/collective.

The Sybil system is designed for keeping normal people controlled. The extreme minority without consciences, the true sociopaths can not be detected... since this could probably threaten the Overlords.
I never stated otherwise. The whole thing is that Makishima alone almost took down their system altogether.
Beyond being a very valuable sample for them, Makishima was also a very dangerous individual since he could have been the end of them if he wasn't stopped.

Whether or not they lose cops isn't the issue. A system like theirs need countermeasure so their little "play the king" humor would be left intact.
That's also why your mention of "perfecting the system" is kind of amusing to me because they aren't perfecting it at all: the simple presence of an irregular is enough to tell you that the system has a flaw that can be abused. By definition, you certainly want to learn more about that irregular to perfect the system, but in the meantime, you need countermeasure to avoid risks of having the system completely destroyed.
I can see why Makishima was left unchecked because it is probably the first asymptomatic criminal that could muster riots to that extent. But by the end of S1, I find reasonable to think that Sybil would actually have countermeasures to handle this kind of situation, per their obsession to be a perfect system no less.
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