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This writing is pathetic. The episode starts with an absurdly set up hostage situation and it ends with a lousy blood bath, which suppose to go for a shock value, but instead gives an unintentionally comical flavor. It's too stupid.
The whole episode is so tasteless that it's impossible to care for anyone in it.

At the very start, the first guy who loses his shit he charges at an old man, and grabs him. Like grabs him by the collar awkwardly, like "ooh I'll show you!" Maybe try punching to knock him out next time. The guy was just asking to be a meat for slaughter.

Next guy, the kid with a nail gun. He's got the gun, and opportunity to use sure, but he's too scared, even when the old man is facing away in opposite direction. Eh no problem, it's ok to let the man keep butchering those poor people one by one.

The lady inspector on the floor is telling the kid not to use the nail gun. Ah yes good idea, because clearly she is in a better position [handcuffed on a floor] to save the day. And again we have all time in the world while whose people are being butchered.

So the old man. He basically enters God Mode and becomes invincible for duration of the scene. It's like against all odds and regardless of how implausible it is, the evil man will do his evil deed. I can't stand when they do that. It's a lazy excuse for innocent victims. This crazy old man will smash skulls while preaching them about life, and no one can do jack. Gotta set things in motion somehow, so just deal with it folks.

Outside. The purple haired dude, the enforcer, acts all shy and unsure of himself now. The heck? Before he was just quite and emotionless, maybe a mysterious type, but but now he is a stuttering and spineless rookie, first day on job type. The hell.

And the glorious end. The blood bath. So why do we even need people as inspectors? Oh and btw female inspector on the floor says "I'm an inspector!" as she slashes the old man with a piece of glass. Yes, good job inspecting there, inspector.
So anyway, why humans for inspectors. Just give guns to droids and let them go shoot everything through walls. Hey the result will be just as accurate. It's not like these inspector guys need to use their brains to analyze situation. Yeah who needs to analyze when you have a cool smoking gun that can shoot through walls. Meh using brains is overrated. Let the blood bath begin.

There you go. I'm looking forward to see what else they gonna to pull out of their asses to make this more dramatic. So clumsy, so ham-fisted.
I was willing to give them a benefit of a doubt, but now I see that Season2 is s a disgrace to ideas established in S1. But even if Season2 existed in a vacuum, the things happening on a screen in this episode are still mind numbingly stupid.

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