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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post

Most, if not all, of your concerns that you presented were discussed in detail on this thread, and hopefully, it will give you a satisfactory analysis. If you have further questions or discussions, I'm sure people will be happy to discuss them with you.
MiLOzz should've had a quick look through the thread, but I can't really disagree with most of his points either. If I had to fanwank that hard just to explain how the old guy overpowered a younger man, then the writing's failed. What's worse is that fanwanking should've been completely unnecessary; just use the damn robo-dog!

Then there's the weird scene with the teleporting Division 2 enforcer that suddenly appeared two stories up armed with the Assault Dominator, missing the green jacket he's been wearing the whole episode. Division 3 seems like a trigger-happy bunch; they should've been dying to play with the new toy. So why would they suddenly give the cool fancy gun to some enforcer in another division?
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