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While I understand some of your points about the episode, you are incorrect about the female inspector (whose name was Aoyanagi, btw). She tried to stab the old man with the glass because her DOMINATOR COULD NOT DETECT HIM. Whatever drug and/or hypnosis Kamui puts his compatriots under clearly somehow manages to fool the system into not detecting any change in their Hues. Therefore it was much like when Makishima killed Yuki. Dominators could do nothing, despite the fact that he was IN THE MIDDLE OF KILLING PEOPLE. Aoyanagi simply did what she felt was right, stress-levels and clear thinking be damned. She simply made a hard decision, unlike Akane who couldn't pull the trigger even though her best friend's throat was being slit.

If I DO have one major complaint about the series, it's that we are never given any details surrounding the actual parameters that govern characters' latent criminal scores. All we get are vague descriptions that infer they can be changed by both emotional state and ways of thinking, the latter making very little sense in terms of something that could be mathematically quantified. I can understand the stress-induced increases in values (such as abnormal hormone levels), but the concept falls through when you have crazy people sometimes rated high by SIBYL and sometimes not, even when they're killing people. Maybe they're calm, maybe they're not. Are they on drugs? And if they are, why wouldn't the system be able to detect it? Seems too arbitrary because it seems to lack consistency... it seriously makes the suspension of disbelief implode when the series starts contradicting itself because "plot-mechanics-say-so". Not good in a mystery-type plot line.

Because we don't fully understand how the Hue system actually measures state-of-mind, it ends up not meaning a single damn thing when something strays from the norm. Because they also don't explain why people's Hues worsen and become unrecoverable (even with "therapy").

That being said, for the time being I'm still enjoying the series. But it certainly isn't making itself easier to understand exposition-wise, that's for sure.
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