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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
Most, if not all, of your concerns that you presented were discussed in detail on this thread, and hopefully, it will give you a satisfactory analysis. If you have further questions or discussions, I'm sure people will be happy to discuss them with you.
Yep some good analysis in this thread. I saw a lot of good points made and interesting discussions brought up.
Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why you haven't dropped the show? At least the vibe I get from your post is that the watching it feels like torture.
The reason I haven't dropped it so far is because I was giving them a benefit of a doubt. Episodes 1-3 were not so bad.
Episode 4 was painful. But even after this I'm probably gonna finish it. Maybe there will be some interesting ideas that will sneak into this mess.
At the end of the day I do want to see something good in Season2, yet after this episode I'm not holding my breath.
Right now Season2 is an example of how NOT to make a sequel. Really wish by the end of the show I could say otherwise.
Originally Posted by atua View Post
MiLOzz should've had a quick look through the thread, but I can't really disagree with most of his points either. If I had to fanwank that hard just to explain how the old guy overpowered a younger man, then the writing's failed. What's worse is that fanwanking should've been completely unnecessary; just use the damn robo-dog!
Right on.

Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
While I understand some of your points about the episode, you are incorrect about the female inspector (whose name was Aoyanagi, btw). She tried to stab the old man with the glass because her DOMINATOR COULD NOT DETECT HIM. Whatever drug and/or hypnosis Kamui puts his compatriots under clearly somehow manages to fool the system into not detecting any change in their Hues. Therefore it was much like when Makishima killed Yuki. Dominators could do nothing, despite the fact that he was IN THE MIDDLE OF KILLING PEOPLE. Aoyanagi simply did what she felt was right, stress-levels and clear thinking be damned. She simply made a hard decision, unlike Akane who couldn't pull the trigger even though her best friend's throat was being slit.
Yeah you right actually. In a sense she was calling herself an Inspector to emphasize that her duty is to stop criminal activity.
At the time it struck me as a poor choice of words for the character, because she was so enraged and acting on animalistic instincts. But I see the point now.

On a side note: Her pointing a dominator at the man again seemed like the dumbest thing to do (after she cut him with glass), since the gun already failed her 2-3 times.
But ironically it would work. But she couldn't know that.
As we saw it in a sniper scope, his crime coefficient did finally go up. And so she finally would be able to neutralize him, if only she didn't get shot down first. But how could she know it would work, and why would she think it will work after failing so many times?.. is just one of those things that make actions of characters seem so ass-backwards.

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