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Well you have to realise that these people have been living in an entirely different world from ours, and therefore think way differently than you and me do. A lot of things you'd call "common sense" is not actually that "common" in this world.

It's been specifically pointed out that most humans have lost most of their instincts, especially the ones with the clear hues.

An old guy overtaking a younger guy does not sound so strange to me if the younger guy does not put up a fight.

The inspector insisting that she should be the one to take care of things makes sense when you take into account the aforementioned lack of instinct, plus the fact that she's trying to protect the hues of the people around her, since hue is more important than life itself.

Concerning why she still tried the dominator before using the glass shard. Well, is it that hard to believe that she truly does not know any better? Violent crimes are ridiculously rare, and somehow I doubt there exist many violent movies anymore. And I don't think violent happenings make the news very often, if at all.

I'll give you that she is an inspector and thus should have some experience with criminals. But first, she is an inspector and not an enforcer, which means that once again, she does not have the same instincts that people in the real world should have. She's probably also never been in a situation this extreme before. Lastly, she's never seen the dominator fail to judge before. It is actually quite normal for people to have proplems wrapping their heads around something that they've been taught is completely and utterly impossible. By the time she resolved to abandon the dominator, she already had enough killing intent to bump her crime coefficient over 300.

On that note, you don't have to like all of this. But to me all this does not seem that unbelievable. Human minds are incredibly mutable by circumstance, and routines that react to certain stimuli will get weaker if those stimuli never happen.

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