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@MiLOzz That episode is indeed very pathetic.

To be completely honnest, I had high expetation from that anime, and in that episode 4 I saw so much shit that i'm very dissapointed and quite pissed.

What the fuck did just happened, is this the same author that did season 1 ?

Kamui has Transformed a desperate old man into a warrior capable of killing people (psychologically and physically), what the heck ?

The old man crashing the skull of a young guy like it was matches ?
SKULLS don't crash like that ...

it takes incredible stamina and strength to beat up one man/woman, but beating up a series of people including healthy men and a trained inspector btw two oxygen refull ? ... and every time the old man ONE SHOT THEM, one hit one K.O., victim are made of paper and old man is suddently super man, Bitch PLEASE.
How ignorant the author can be to even allow that ? if he is not ignorant how can he think he can trick us ?

Then let's just take the "inspector victim", that saw dominator misfunctionning one time, missing the nailgun opportunity (BY JUST DROPPING IT), and get her ass kicked a second time ? Like she is naive to try again and then stupid enough to not avoid the second strike, run or move ?
Then she come back and step up a third time ! (Redundancy)
she looses it and attack him with a piece of broken glass, ... she is a bloody inspector, she saw worst than that and suddenly act like teenage.

And beautifull coindence, Dominator now shooting through wall, STARTING FROM THAT EPISODE .... and on that Inspector ... Really ?

And you know what, now the author denied the law of physics, psychology and common sense when he wanted, LET's JUST kamui RUNNING AWAY XD.
Seriously, how the fuck does kamui runs away -_- ?
(2 divisions ARE surrounding the building, our hero inspector that is on the crime scene WHILE kamui is here, the hero know kamui is around and might use some fancy hollow, ... after the blood bath inspector stay outside, THEY DO NOT invest and secure the building, (they probably wanted kamui to run away, to have more episode),
How a poor scenario is that ?

what more ?

Oh yeah let's remind the nature of sybil system which is human brain hive that act like a computer, a dominator sees a scene with men killing other people, full of blood, no let's just focus on some other details it's ok, psycho pass green.
We also saw that sybil could be abused in the first psycho pass season, they could have allow the inspector to overide the non-lethal mode, but no xD, ...

Anyway thx @milozz for posting here, helped to see that i'm not the only one to be revolted by such a disgrace.

Now i'm gonna read a bit more of this forum cause I was so pissed that I needed to write this down.
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