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There we have it. Sybil earnestly wanted to stop Kamui because they're scared of him and never had any kind of master plan for him or Akane. They just wanted to get rid of both and chose the most roundabout way possible to do it. The only reason they acted so stupid all season (or rather, not acted) was because the plot required it or else the show would have been over in five episodes. Plot induced stupidity at its finest. For weeks me and others have argued against people who kept claiming Sibyl couldn't do anything because it would compromise the system, even when we provided solutions that would only barely bend the rules, and now we see them giving inspectors illegal bombs so that they can kill 500 hundreds innocent people with the justification that "they must be latent criminals by now" (in short, they have no fucking clue) which is a clear violation of everything Sibyl stands for and a clear admission the system doesn't work. I genuinely wonder what these same people think of this development. This entire episode spit in the face of all their arguments. None of them stand anymore.
Well, Sybil system never wanted to get rid of Akane, at least yet. Ms Togane wants to get rid of her because she knows too much of her business and also her son has a personal reason to do it as well, and Akane killing Kamui would be the best outcome for both.

From almost the beggining Sybil could do something. The reason of not acting was a mild interest on what Kamui was doing and also how their human department could cope with it .

When Kamui started the final part of his plan Sybil just entered on damage control mode to get rid of Kamui one way or another. This follows the Sybil character on which will sacrifice hundreds of inocents just to get another brain, or in this case protect the Sybil society from Kamui
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