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Originally Posted by Geburah View Post
Well, Sybil system never wanted to get rid of Akane, at least yet. Ms Togane wants to get rid of her because she knows too much of her business and also her son has a personal reason to do it as well, and Akane killing Kamui would be the best outcome for both.
They've wanted to get rid of her since the start. That was the reason Togane was added to her team. His job was always to "paint her black" so they could rightfully kill her like the previous inspectors that worked with Togane. She's too headstrong and that's a problem for them. They want obedient inspectors who blindly follow the rules like Mika instead.

From almost the beggining Sybil could do something. The reason of not acting was a mild interest on what Kamui was doing and also how their human department could cope with it .
I really don't buy that. They made it clear weeks ago they wanted Kamui dead as soon as possible and that they were afraid of his existence. There was no reason for them not to do anything and lose so many enforcers and inspectors to him. Not to mention causing raising area stress everywhere.

What really bothers me about this season's plot is that it revolves entirely around Kamui, and that Kamui's plan is based on the assumption Sibyl is not going to do anything to stop him. If they had lifted so much as one finger, his plan would have gone up in smoke. It was as simple as disabling the dominators Kamui had stolen, which they didn't even do in this episode, preferring to use a far FAR worse method that ended up backfiring on them
The only reason Kamui was ever a threat is because Sibyl is incompetent and/or dumb. Before, people could counter that claim by saying they're tied up by their own rules (though I'm not sure how revoking the rights of an inspector who hadn't shown up at work for weeks and whose access to the dominators had clearly been "hacked" is breaking the rules), but that argument doesn't work anymore after when they did in this ep. Using bombs to kill Kamui is worse than any of the solutions we had ever suggested.
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