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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
The only reason they acted so stupid all season (or rather, not acted) was because the plot required it or else the show would have been over in five episodes. Plot induced stupidity at its finest. For weeks me and others have argued against people who kept claiming Sibyl couldn't do anything because it would compromise the system, even when we provided solutions that would only barely bend the rules, and now we see them giving inspectors illegal bombs so that they can kill 500 hundreds innocent people with the justification that "they must be latent criminals by now" (in short, they have no fucking clue) which is a clear violation of everything Sibyl stands for and a clear admission the system doesn't work. I genuinely wonder what these same people think of this development. This entire episode spit in the face of all their arguments. None of them stand anymore.
I think it means that Sibyl aren't ideological purists. And I don't necessarily think that "spits in the face of all our arguments". Propagandists don't always believe in their own propaganda. Sometimes they just want to gain/maintain influence and power, and they are willing to use lies and manipulations to achieve that.

Sibyl, I think, is more concerned with the perception of Sibyl of being consistent/perfect than with Sibyl actually being consistent/perfect.

You've raised largely valid criticisms, Kanon, but they seem to boil down mostly to three key points:

1. Sibyl is stupid.

2. Kirito's personal backstory is ridiculous.

3. This 2nd season is going to amount to a waste of time.

Now, while the first two are significant flaws, I don't think they're quite as completely quality-destroying as you seem to think they are.

Psycho-Pass would hardly be the first fictional narrative with megalomaniacal villains who do/say some stupid stuff. Lex Luthor has had some half-baked schemes that Sibyl could never dream of cooking up.

And, really, it's not even necessarily that Sibyl is stupid, per se. They could just be lazy, bored, aloof, or procrastinating by nature. Either one of the above could largely if not entirely account for Sibyl's missteps in Season 2. Does it make them disappointing as antagonists? Yes, probably. So yes, it is a valid criticism to make. But you present the issue as though it completely breaks the narrative. What, villains aren't allowed to be flawed in ways like lazy, bored, aloof, or procrastinating? Villains now have to be perfect, just with the exception of being evil? Not every villain has to be David Xanatos in order for a story to work, in my opinion (though I'll admit it's generally nice for a villain to be very competent like that).

I get how the setting, and some of the ideas behind it, might be more compelling if Sibyl were true mastermind overlords. But perhaps there's a thematic point to be made in them being as sloppy as they clearly are. Leave a relatively small oligarchy in constant control, with minimal turnover and no oversight, and maybe they're bound to become like this. So maybe Psycho-Pass can be taken as criticism of the oligarchy form of government in general (or, at least, of an oligarchy that grows old and stale and overly staid over time).

Now, as for Kirito's backstory - Yeah, that's really stretching it. But hey, it's modern sci-fi. How often do you see hard sci-fi without any eyebrow-raising elements? How often do you see that in anime sci-fi especially?

Remember Coppelion? I kind of gave up on anime sci-fi staying strictly within the bounds of plausible science after that show.

Now, as for your third key criticism... I think that having a Psycho-Pass Season 2 and a separate Psycho-Pass movie, so close to each other, was probably a mistake, at least creatively speaking, for the reasons you and many of us have discussed. It does strike me as a cynical cash-in, with minimal thought given to how good this setup would be for the broader Psycho-Pass narrative and setting in general. So I can understand your frustration there, as I share it myself.

But with all of the above being said, I think this Season 2 has given us some interesting characters/scenarios, a lot of nicely tense moments, and a lot of sheer fun entertainment. Maybe that's not enough to save Season 2 for you, but I hope you can understand how it can make some viewers, like myself, be a bit more forgiving to the flaws you've pointed to.

Here's something we can probably agree on - Psycho-Pass Season 2 has been much like Guilty Crown.
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