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I started watching Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru last night, and something struck me about Karin's debut episode. Karin almost seemed like a sympathetic version of Mika. Karin is bossy, arrogant, and rude. She gives orders to the main cast, snaps at their antics, and holds herself above them since her powerset was optimized by the higher-ups to fight vertexes, but Yuuki Yuuna shows why Karin acts and thinks the way she does. Her whole life revolves--and always has revolved--around fighting vertexes. Literally every scene showing Karin's free time is a scene where she's practicing her skills and training her endurance. She's depicted as a girl without any social connections, and she's never once shown doing an activity by herself for simple pleasure. Even the snack she eats (salted sardines) is chosen for the edge it gives her in fighting the vertexes. (Karin claims dried sardines have some health benefits.) Those traits add up to someone who is, if not likable, at least understandable.

Mika, in contrast, couldn't get so much as a single second showing viewers that the last friendly-seeming latent criminal she met turned out to be a serial killer.
Ein: “There’s nothing. Dreams are illusions. All they do is interfere with reality.”
Superman: “You know what, Ein? Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us into something better. And on my soul, I swear — until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share — I'll never stop fighting. Ever.”

“Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom” and “Superman vs. the Elite”

(Mostly accurate dialogue, but with a little editing to make it mesh better.)
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