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S;G movie was never promoted as the sequel - but as a continuation of the original. The "legitimate sequel" to S;G is S;G 0, which is stated over and over on their website. Again, it's the wording they chose to use for each of the work, but I suspect it's because of the length of the story for the movie that doesn't warrant it to be labeled as "sequel".

Personally, the original S;G ended in such a beautiful way, that I had a high expectation when something is promoted as a "sequel". I have no problem if S;G 0 was a fandisk - it's actually quite interesting and filled many gaps in the original. The problem is, is how the story is structured, and how things turns out - it's like calling Darling a sequel.

I enjoyed reading Darling, it was a fun read. I also enjoyed S;G 0, very interesting stuff. Can it be considered as a sequel? Well, just because the events takes places after the original, doesn't necessarily make it a sequel.
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