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Originally Posted by Kakurin View Post
God damn it, knowing Steins;Gate I had a very bad feeling about the episode with the mood that was almost too calmn, and my hunch was not wrong with that end.

Also, Leskinen and Reyes are extremely shady at this point. Especially with how Reyes was looking after Kagari passed by at the shrine.
I'm really hoping that at least both of them aren't villains. I'm not fond of the all foreigners are evil trope.

So I guess SERN is back to their old tricks again, but I supposed that isn't right phase, huh? While I know he was apprehensive Okabe was still too careless in involving Moeka in the present situation without knowing her current circumstances in the in this timeline. Since she was at the university for some unknown reason this might lend some credence that Leskinen was involved with her. Plus Amadeus suddenly cutting off the moment the attack happens can't be coincidence.

Oh and Mayuri dying here is just a kick in balls for good measure. Poor Okabe.
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