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Yeah skipping the ED and extending the scene a bit more would have been nice.

Still, a pretty eventful episode. And then the way it wrapped up...Oh boy things are getting crazier. Whether he liked it or not, the world line was changed and he's been swept up in it. Although likely a smaller change happened anyways a few episodes ago.

So was Amadeus hijacked and then used to create a time machine? Either way it appears Kurisu is back in it! Of course the downside to that is very serious. If they slid things back to the path that leads to Mayuri's death then things could get pretty bad.

Some weirdness to be sure. Will say that during the attack they didn't actually kill anyone. It appeared they were willing to take Kagari and leave. The injury to Yuki is obviously implying she's part of them (though coincidence and misdirection is possible). Presuming Daru's future wife isn't evil it might mean they are part of some resistance faction and are trying to recover Kagari for non-nefarious purposes. Or at least Yuki believes that group isn't evil and thus was willing to scare the hell out of her friends. At this point I have no idea.

Kind of unfortunate Okabe spent all that time trying to secure Kagari's protection and yet things get shifted around anyways .
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