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What an episode! As I thought, the people raiding the lab weren't the rounders, but most likely Leskinen's people. Yuki was strongly implied to be the biker chick, which I suppose is possible. Mother vs daughter makes for good drama.

Pretty ballsy of Okabe to approach Mr. Braun, but that was most likely the right choice.

I had been spoiled about Kurisu being in the game so the ending didn't come as that much of a surprise to me, but I'm still confused. Okabe is still wearing his "mourning clothes" which I assume is because Mayuri is dead in this worldline, but that can't be the Alpha worldline because Kurisu should have been abducted by SERN six months ago. New worldline, or is it still Alpha with Kurisu's abduction having been postponed by Okabe somehow?
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