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This is the second time it happened when he was on the phone with Amadeus, does that mean it's working like the time leap machine?

Kurisu being alive again is certainly a surprise. I was assuming that Amadeus was her replacement for the entire thing.

I guess this means that we've switched to another world line? Neither alpha or beta I imagine.

It's likely that we won't see Amadeus and Kurisu within the same world line. Unless Amadeus's presence was supposed to hide that Kurisu comes back to life, we are probably going to be switch world lines more.

The idea that Okabe is going to switching back and forth between world lines where Kurisu is alive and ones where she is dead isn't really pleasant.

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I have my doubts. It was made too obvious, as if they want the viewers to think that Yuki was the biker person. My bet is still on Reyes.
I've gone the "too obvious" route before...
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