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V&A pretty much explained he recovered information from his future self about the future from Kagari when he toyed her head. This is connected with the mention of the "professor" by Suzuha and all the brainwashing mess in 2036.
From there, Leskinen learned at least 2 sure things: 1) the brainwashing stuff done on Kagari which is very likely the reason how he could do those between 1998-2010 2) there are time travelers, hence the time machine exists.

This is why the change of decision is extremely important in term of narrative consistency because it would imply that in PR branch, he didn't learn anything else, whereas in V&A he knew about the labo and thus had Kagari sent as a mole, instead of capturing them at the precise timing instead. Hence the very inconsistent course of action with that kind of premise.

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