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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Yeah skipping the ED and extending the scene a bit more would have been nice.

Still, a pretty eventful episode. And then the way it wrapped up...Oh boy things are getting crazier. Whether he liked it or not, the world line was changed and he's been swept up in it. Although likely a smaller change happened anyways a few episodes ago.

So was Amadeus hijacked and then used to create a time machine? Either way it appears Kurisu is back in it! Of course the downside to that is very serious. If they slid things back to the path that leads to Mayuri's death then things could get pretty bad.
Imho what happened, I will go into detail a bit more below the next quote.

Originally Posted by Wandering Soul View Post
That is quite the way to end the episode. Talk about unfair cliffhangers.

It was pretty clear that the attackers couldn't be SERN as they lack a motive in this timeline. Instead Braun has become ally. So the attackers were most likely Leskinen's group.

Yuki is being hinted to be the biker girl, but I'm skeptical as to whether or not she's a red herring.
Mr Braun was never really Okarin's enemy to begin with.
To me it always seemed like Mr Braun tried to reform Okarin and Darou in one way or another. He didn't really feel that hostile, even when he was.
The only instances where he imho gives of a slight hint of enmity is when Nae is involved.

That being said the rounders aren't Okarin's allies either. Mr Braun is just using his status as their commander to make sure nothing happens to Nae.

Imho, and now I'm back to Amadeus being used for the time machine, they helped recover Amadeus and instead of giving it back gave it to SERN. Hence, the time machine was born, and they used their time travel to create a world line where Kurisu was still alive, as she'd be easier to work with than Amadeus.

To me this seems like a gamma line btw.
I.e. one where he stopped trying to rescue Mayuri and instead opted for Kurisu.
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