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The only information past Leskinen could receive from Kagari would be information that future Leskinen actually has. The kind of information future Leskinen obtains directly depends on Okarin's interaction with Amadeus.

It's not just some vague idea like saying "the butterfly effect" without it having any meaning. There is cause and effect which spirals into more radical differences as time passes. And a lot of time passes between Okarin's interaction with Amadeus, and Kagari becoming Mayushii's daughter.

And what's wrong with saying "if"? After all, "if" A, then inevitably B. Since we have B (which is an observable and irrefutable fact), then A must have happened in some shape or form. It's not that hard.

As for evidence? Well you're asking a lot here. I mean you're pretty much asking for details that the writer left out because he didn't think it'd be all that important because for certain things to be possible, certain other things have to have happened first. Explaining the details of such things is a waste of time if all that matters is the result.

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