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This is where I disagree because regardless how much Okarin interacts with Amadeus, the crucial problem with that assertion is that future Leskinen is consistently using Kagari as a medium for information for himself.
This means that regardless of the information he got from Okarin's interactions with Amadeus in the present, his future self knows the following facts:
1) Kagari will be a time traveler and will be sent back to 1998
2) She has a relationship with the lab members considering they are known for working on the time machine in the future, as such Leskinen had to know about her connection, regardless of the branch, otherwise, him brainwashing Kagari and purposedly telling her to protect her mom (even before she is adopted by Mayuri) would be the most unlikely coincidence in sg franchise.

This lead to a fundamental issue: Future Leskinen know how it will play out regarding Kagari going back in time.
Because how time travel works in Steins Gate, there isn't any "initial timeline without Kagari" for Leskinen. Therefore, leskinen will always know about Okarin being involved with the time machine at some point.

And that's why it doesn't make much sense for him not to send Kagari as a mole in the PR branch too, because regardless of the information sample, there is 1 common piece of information: that Okarin will be in contact with a time traveler.
That's why the way it is portrayed in the game doesn't feel satisfying whatsoever, because it plainly relies on the result without caring about the cause, which was a very delicate subject in the original sg.
In 0, this glossed too often (no explanation why Russia isn't first in the race in the PR branch even though stratfo involvement has nothing to do with them etc), hence why all this portion is pretty weak in my perspective, leading to characterization inconsistency. That's why I said there are too much "if": the concept of causation was always present in the franchise, and different results or "dice rolls" are fine as long you have the actual cause being there. Leaving them aside and having the story unfolding mainly with the "effect" with vaguely the cause (or sometimes the cause entirely absent) is pretty much a flaw in my books.

That's also why I mentioned it wasn't my intention to convince you, because that's something pretty much subjective: either you are fine with the details left vague or you aren't.

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