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This only occurs when the Amadeus project is shut down, which only happens after the real Kurisu from the Alpha world line has sent the dmail that leaked Amadeus existence to the external world.
In the "normal PR" branch, Kagari is "just" a guinea pig, but she didn't get Kurisu's memories implanted in her brain. This is true for early part of PR, AND end part of PR. In PR, it is even explained she was supposed to have memories implanted in her, but they didn't go through the full patient lists before her, hence why she was fine.

And no, the memory implanting technology was already at Leskinen disposal. In fact, that thing has to be their own to begin with, otherwise all the memory shenanigans wouldn't even have started in PR.
In fact, Maho confirmed they already knew that theory, but the problem was that "it doesn't matter if you get memories implanted in your brain if you can't use them", which is mostly a compatibility issue (hence why Reyers really wanted Kagari because tests demonstrated she is highly compatible with Kurisu).
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