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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
You've just proved exactly my point: that specific part of 0 wasn't handled well, which lead to apprehension to everything that pertain that narrative direction. When a story involves canned worm stuff like time travel, you gotta be sure you aren't screwing this for sake of narrative consistency, which they did well in og sg, but not that much in 0. This doesn't mean 0 was bad, far from it. But, in -my opinion- all that stuff about Kagari posing as Yuki was badly implemented.

And that's why I mentioned it was even pointless to keep going on considering you think it is irrelevant, whereas I believe it is a narrative flaw, especially when you compare with the narrative structure of the franchise as a whole. With argument like "there has to be something that explains that stuff, but the author didn't bother explaining, so it means it is irrelevant", you can explain nearly every bad writing stuff in any fiction. This is why I don't buy it unless evidence is presented, that's all. Now let's leave it at that.

That's what I implied yes: there is no way Leskinen did it blindly and considering what happened in PR and V&A, the peacekeepers force know about the FG lab members, so Leskinen definitely knew about them too thus the brainwashing in advance, and it is very likely why that doctor told Mayuri they have to keep Kagari for 6 months even if her injuries were healed.
If there is a narrative flaw then explain to me why it is a flaw. Why is it this important that you understand every irrelevant detail about the cause when all that matters to the narrative is the result?

How does the fact that you don't know what happened magically make it so that nothing has happened, despite evidence to the contrary?
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