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If you really think SERN learned about the time machine from the future, then the world line becomes a dead end, because SERN in the present would know about complete time machine theory, leading to a complete different world line where the cause would no longer be the first d-mail but the message sent by SERN from the future. Ergo, deleting the first d-mail wouldn't prevent SERN to dominate the world, since they would have the full theory in their hands. In fact, in such scenario, they don't even need the FG members at all.
Yes, I think it's possible present SERN does know about the complete time machine theory. They don't need the FG to complete it, they only need them to not leak that theory to any other party. They already won the race. But it remains that all this is possible only because SERN found out about the D-Mail in Echelon sometime in the future. That discovery is the real ground zero. Without that first D-Mail then future SERN will not learn about the time machine and thus they can't send that information to the past.

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
As I said, if the first d-mail is deleted, the future will immediately change because the real capture would never occur, SERN would never establish their dystopia, which affect Suzuha's actions, which in turn change the past. The fact the past was changed is the very reason why there is a world line shift to begin with.
And I'm saying this doesn't make sense. If SERN already saw the first D-Mail in the present, then even if it is deleted, there is nothing stopping them from capturing the FG lab member eventually.
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