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Furthermore, you are still with a major plot inconsistency:
Again, if SERN learn from the future about the time machine, erasing the first d-mail would not change anything because the present SERN can maintain the logic that the future SERN would have the time machine and give that info to their past self. It is self sustaining which is something SG tried to avoid at all cost.
I really don't see how it is self sustaining. When future SERN informed present SERN about the time machine, the only reason present SERN would have info about the time machine is from future SERN, and thus if future SERN had no way to learn about it, then no matter what logic the present SERN maintain, they cannot arrive at the time machine theory by themselves. Even if present SERN already knows the theory (from the future), the fact that Kurisu is what made it possible still remains.

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
They need Kurisu, Okarin and Daru to complete the machine. That's why Moeka doesn't kill them but capture them, whereas Mayuri wasn't needed at all because she isn't part of the time machine development. It pretty much confirms SERN needs them to complete their time machine, while killing anyone else who know about the machine but not useful to them. Therefore, if your assumption were to be true, then SERN would have tasked the rounders to kill all of them, not capturing them.
And I'd say they would if they could, but convergence means they cannot die, thus capture is the only option.

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