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Either ECHELON has an automated scan set a specific interval (like once a week or once a month) that put some report about suspicious intercepted messages, or they need an operator to check ECHELON log at regular interval.

In both cases, this explain why the first D-mail wasn't immediately detected by SERN because they need someone to notice that stuff first.

As for your initial point, I agree that Kurisu's d-mail here doesn't prevent the original perp to manipulate the world line, so they would normally try it again in the new beta world line, unless Kurisu's d-mail causes some serious butterfly effect which would prevent the initial attempt (which is way too convenient considering the actual impact of her d-mail).
Hence why I believe the anime brought an inconsistency in the plot, whereas the VN had Kurisu's D-mail affect the direct cause of the Beta->Alpha shift.

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