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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
That's why I said it becomes a loop paradox.
If the present SERN learns about the time machine from the future SERN, this means that the present SERN CAN sustain this logic by creating the time machine and send an agent back to keep the consistency.
We are in a world line logic, not time line logic: the fact future sern would not learn about the time machine with the first D mail doesn't change anything because the convergence would keep the logic flow with the present SERN maintaining it by developping the time machine in the future, and send that information back to themselves. As such, the first d-mail is completely disconnected in the causality for SERN developping the time machine.
Ah, I see. You think that if present SERN learnt about the time machine from future SERN, then even if the D-Mail is erased, then the present SERN will still retain the information they received from the now non-existent time-traveling person/information. I think this is impossible unless SERN have RS.

My view is, present SERN checked the Echelon and found the first D-Mail now (year 2010) based on the tip from future SERN - and no other source - until a certain time in the future when SERN would've found it out regardless. As long as this condition remains the same, then no amount of time traveling can alter the dystopian future. But as soon as this condition is not met, then the world line shifts, thus the present SERN cannot maintain your proposed loop.

In fact, if by doing your proposed loop they can achieve eternal dystopia through time then why the hell wouldn't SERN have done this already. Simple answer is, they can't.

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Convergence means the actions would have been prevented by the world itself. Yet, Moeka explicitely stated they are going to capture them. They didn't try to kill them at all. In fact, Moeka shouldn't even know "she can't kill them" because of the convergence since she doesn't have any RS.
Moeka doesn't need to know that she can't kill them because SERN knows that they can't be killed so SERN gave the order to capture them in the first place.

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
You still didn't address the evidence regarding Kurisu's involvement with the time machine with what Suzuha stated.
In the first place, the fact that SERN made public, and formed a cult regarding the involvement of Kurisu in the development of time machine is already very fishy. In any case, as I said before, even if present SERN already has the theory they still owe all that to the fact that they found that first D-Mail, and thus the FG labmen, and thus Kurisu.
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