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Originally Posted by frodonk View Post
also, what was in that song on the radio that triggered kagari to walk around and almost get run over by a truck? Was it something that the bad guys (for a lack of a better term) used on her while she was in captivity?
It sounded like classical music, so I'm betting it's Mozart or something because my theory so far is that she was part of an attempt to either recreate Kiritsu or do something with Amadeus with her.

Allthough I wonder what whoever kept her meant to do with her, unless they somehow knew she was a time traveler back then the knowledge of it was rare...

Nah he didn't create that song. He actually did learn it from a mysterious girl. Remember, Okarin "Prime" grew up in the beta timeline.
I'm not sure what you are getting at. Aren't we in Beta? And didn't supposedly meet her in the same? So that memory shouldn't have been overridden/not kept by Reading Steiner

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