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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Nah he didn't create that song. He actually did learn it from a mysterious girl. Remember, Okarin "Prime" grew up in the beta timeline.

Unlike most people, I actually loved this episode. It was great. Feels all around. I love this.
This IS the beta timeline though.

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
Depends. The same logic used to have some information that ends up not having an origin can be used for something physical that ends up not having an origin.

For instance Rintaro could have received a metal oopa from Kagari, he then could have given it to Mayuri who would later gift it to Kagari who would then go back in time and give it to Rintaro.

It's exactly the same thing. If you think it works with information it can work for a physical object too.
The general way a Bootstrap Paradox works, from my understanding based on how Doctor Who used it, is that the thing in question came into existence under normal circumstances, but those circumstances changed due to time travel. The origin then becomes lost due to time loops, which just reinforce each other and makes the closed loop.
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