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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
This IS the beta timeline though.
Yes? That's my point.

Originally Posted by GDB View Post
The general way a Bootstrap Paradox works, from my understanding based on how Doctor Who used it, is that the thing in question came into existence under normal circumstances, but those circumstances changed due to time travel. The origin then becomes lost due to time loops, which just reinforce each other and makes the closed loop.
Nah, a bootstrap paradox has no beginning. It's always been this way. If it actually had a beginning, then causality would be much more contradictory.

A bootstrap paradox is a paradox, since there is still the problem of the lack of an origin. However, the loop is internally consistent. Physical objects becoming themselves is a lot more heinous than simple information being passed from one person to the next in a closed loop. Because information isn't subject to aging. And the song is supposed to be so very earworm-y that one can't help but remember it very accurately.
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