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The general way a Bootstrap Paradox works, from my understanding based on how Doctor Who used it, is that the thing in question came into existence under normal circumstances, but those circumstances changed due to time travel. The origin then becomes lost due to time loops, which just reinforce each other and makes the closed loop.
Yeah and that's basically how I tried to explain how the song came into existence in my previous post, however that can't be applied to every of such cases.

For instance in Terminator 2 it turns out that skynet would have never come into existence if a terminator wasn't sent back in time thus providing the technology to create Skynet in the first place. So... where did that technology originated from?

If we suppose that there was an original timeline where they created skynet without having a sample of future technology, then the whole theory that by destroying that sample Skynet would never exist falls apart.

Granted everything that terminator2 established was then destroyed fixed in terminator3, but that's not what was originally intended in terminator2.

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