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Given the fences, they weren't going to climb in, and parachuting isn't the same as being teleported, there would be a LOT of thuds as they land and then have to drop chutes... basically it's not happening like this. So they could realistically only have entered from that ONE door. So yeah. No way are they going to be able to march in full kit past Suzuha no matter how distracted she is.

They (writers) should have just had them storm the rooftop from the door and have both of them at gunpoint before Suzuha can react. If she was alone she might have had still pulled a gun at them, but not with Mayushi there.

And yeah, these guys are a disgrace for whatever spec ops unit they are from. And no matter which outfit they are from, you certainly won't be sending "some military guys" into a foreign nation ESPECIALLY knowing what is at stake. Russians have sent Spetznatz and they are relaxed while Americans are frantic to catch up.
As the situation was shown, it wouldn't matter any amount of hell you were through, if you are surrounded by trained military personnel with guns and you don't have any kind of special armor or like to make you able to tank bullets, they will quickly fill you with lead.
Well they WOULD have if they haven't chosen the STUPIDEST possible formation, the circle, where any misses are likely to hit friendlies.

But enough about the firefight stupidity, IMO I don't think M is dead. For a head wound there is surprisingly little blood. Just that trickle in the last possible shot. If a bullet had drilled her head, the effects would have been more dramatic. Also I wonder if this is Kagari or the other motorcycle helmeted woman. Because if it's Kagari, we are now pretty much tossing a die on how she reacts.

As for the rest of the episode... FUCK YES. Finally this feels like the plot is doing something. Compared to this, episodes since Amadeus stopped being a regular feel like just a bunch of sideways movement.

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