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That completely depends on the "You" that's sending the troops in the first place. If this "You" doesn't even have access to "special forces" then your argument doesn't make sense. Either way none of these people went through hell.
It was heavily implied that the whole thing is government backed, hence special forces should exist.

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As for Okarin's contribution to the time machine? He figured out that the device was a time machine in the first place. He also figured out the CRTV.
My point is that the original implication felt more like they built it together, yet later we only hear about Daru, of whom I'm not even sure whether he is specialized into the right fields.
The only thing we can assume is that Leskinien actually wants both of them on his team in order to build a time machine, as he himself doesn't specialize into that field.

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Finally, if SERN really was "on the case" we'd be back in the alpha world line right now. And we're not.
The timeline would change the moment they got the time machine, or the knowledge how to build one, not the moment they find out one is there.

Take Amadeus for example, last time Amadeus got hacked we got a timeline change, yet we didn't get one this time, meaning that the conditions for it to occur have yet to be fulfilled.
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