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Originally Posted by noktown View Post
Can we get to a point where Okabe stops being a whiny bitch ? I knew that the beginning was going to be depressing, but was hoping towards the middle he would snap out of it and start making shit happen. I liked what Maho said, that if they didn't find the perfect timeline where all of them are alive that means they need to find one that does by jumping more and more. While it's harsh on Okabe, if there's even a 0.00001% that there's a timeline where they all live and the war doesn't happen, then he should take it and bring Hououin Kyouma back into the game.

Note that I didn't read the VN, but the anime is so overly-dramatic, that it feels like it's going to be one of those cliffhanger endings where nothing gets solved.
Say what you will, but at least it's realistic.

You don't just "snap out" of something like this. I prefer it this way.
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