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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
And what reason is there to believe there is absolutely no way? How can you know there is none without looking? A real scientist would explore all possibilities.
Where should he look? What should he look for?

Originally Posted by aldw View Post
If one looks at the entirety of attractor fields from a data analysis perspective, specifically examining the probability chains for any given set of events, if a specific chain or single event has a static probability (outcome is absolute vs e.g. fixed probability like flipping a normal coin i.e. 50/50) then that probability relationship would be constant for any N number of events within a specific parameter of time (e.g., Mayuri's death occurring on the same day and time) compared to normal equivalent event probability (e.g. chance of healthy 17 year old dying on a normal train ride). A worldline shift itself is a change in probability chains (otherwise Mayuri event chain would still exist), the key thing is knowing how the chains are formed to (eventually) change outcomes. Having a divergence meter helps in comparing these probability changes among worldlines, but in Okabe's case he particularly needs a Maho to help him not only calculate these changes but also to consider parameters he didn't think about.
Okay, it's really hard for me to say this, because you clearly gave this some thought. But I'm afraid I don't really understand anything of what you just said. Please don't mistake this for me being dismissive. I just seriously do not really follow.

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Then after setting that up and showing his outlook, fast forward untill something changes. As it is they'll have less and less time to do the more and more impossible a thing.
Things change all the time. Just because his PTSD isn't cured doesn't mean the status quo hasn't changed.
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