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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
I don't even know what point you're trying to make. We already know the conclusion he will arrive at. How he will reach the answer is what this anime should have been about in the first place. What reason does he have to believe it's possible? Because he doesn't have any evidence it's impossible. The absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence.
I'm not making any point, I'm just trying to get people to answer my question instead of deflecting it.

Originally Posted by noktown View Post
So, how are you saying the story should end ? With Okabe crying in the corner about how miserable his life is ?
How on earth do my words make you arrive at this conclusion? Please explain.

Originally Posted by noktown View Post
My point is that if there is nothing to show then there's no point making a 23 episodes series about nothing. They could have made the story much more interesting if mid-series they made Okabe realize that whining all day isn't going to make him feel better.
Then what is going to make him feel better?

Originally Posted by noktown View Post
Exactly, that's literally what Maho was lecturing him about. If there was nowhere to look or nothing to look for, then the story shouldn't have existed in the first place.
I don't remember this lecture but I will give you that this might just be something that fell through my memory.

Anyway, since you're so convinced that there is somewhere to look and/or something to look for, then why can't you just tell me what one or both of these things are? Am I not allowed to know what you know? Or is it that you think it's so "obvious" you can't conceive the possibility that I'm not seeing it? Or is there some other reason? Am I asking the wrong questions entirely?

Originally Posted by aldw View Post
Easier way to think of WLs is like a Boolean expression, Alpha WL condition for example would have an expression of: {Mayuri death condition=Yes IF D-mail >= 1, death date = August 15 IF D-mail # >= 5} in relation to the SERN dystopia anchor; any other condition would follow standard probabilities (for example, chance of being hit by train for average person = 0.1). When the conditions for Alpha WL no longer exist due to changes in conditions, the Beta WL would have its own expressed conditions.
Hm... I was going to argue against this here, but then I realised that maybe I should view this as more of an example of a possible solution rather than the actual solution. In that case, the only problem I'd have is that the person attempting this would have to have a bit of hope coming from a rational place.

Now, I only know how I myself operate, so maybe it's different for other people. But I tend to only act when I have some hope. If I do not, I don't. I don't usually go looking for hope either. That doesn't mean that nothing ever changes though. Sometimes I gain hope from some external event that makes me see the world a little differently than I did before.
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