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The ball is rolling, but it feels it's almost rolling too quickly. Them finishing the time leap machine is KINDA fine, although doing it from just couple of Okabe's remarks is a bit much (and the compression bit is still silly) but then Daru was able to both hack into STERN AND free Amadeus and things start being streched. If they had set it up that he was doing so before this...maybe they did but I don't remember him noodling much with Amadeus before.

So the Professor was ALREADY on the rooftop back then? So what? He was waiting for Okabe to leave or something? And we see in this episode that those solders deploy from the helicopters apparently. Some REALLY sneaky helicopters those. Also I wonder what prompted Kagari not to kill Hayes (other motorcycle getup woman) this time? Leskin moving up the operation for reasons?
Also how the F did Okabe get out of there this time? Last time it KIIINDA made sense in that DARPA and STRATFOR were in an open gunship fight and had better thing to do, and professor was down and therefore unable to order them to grab all people familiar with time travel.
But this time there is no gunfight, or are we supposed to think that DURPA still swoops in even after STRATFOR destroys the time machine? And Leskin is injured in that fight?
Because Okabe REALLY shouldn't have been able to get off that roof. He really shouldn't be "just another civilian".

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