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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
There were plenty of times when Mayuri was killed far away from the lab by the Rounders (on the street when hit by the car, in the car when they just walked up and popped her in the head, etc). They always just let him run despite knowing what he had in the lab.
I also remember at least one time where he was taken into a car by them after they killed Mayuri. He managed to escape with a headbutt and go back to the lab (which nobody ever watched for some reason). There were also other times he had to face them for one reason or another, and he always escaped just fine. And it's not like they let him escape intentionally, since he was one of their targets.

This is where you have to suspend your disbelief.

Regarding why the time leaping "broke", I think it's because it would have been pointless to show us further tries. The end result would have always been the same regardless of what he did if the time machine getting destroyed really is a convergence point. And I'm pretty sure it is. It was hinted that Mayuri and Suzuha are alive since they didn't find any bodies, so the solution to getting them back lies elsewhere. No clue where, though.
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