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Hm... I was going to argue against this here, but then I realised that maybe I should view this as more of an example of a possible solution rather than the actual solution. In that case, the only problem I'd have is that the person attempting this would have to have a bit of hope coming from a rational place.

Now, I only know how I myself operate, so maybe it's different for other people. But I tend to only act when I have some hope. If I do not, I don't. I don't usually go looking for hope either. That doesn't mean that nothing ever changes though. Sometimes I gain hope from some external event that makes me see the world a little differently than I did before.
I'm an observer by nature, so I always look at things to see 'why this vs not this', and to examine problems from multiple angles in order to find a solution (which is why I became interested in information science to begin with). By understanding why something is this vs something else, that I find is the basis to creating hope.
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