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The 48 hour limit is just inherent in the Time Leap Machine's design. They'd need far more time to fine tune it to purposely change that. It has nothing to do with a jammed signal.
But it took them less than 48 hours to complete the machine, right? So you could theoretically keep going back 48 hours, make the machine in <48 hours, go back 48 hours, make another machine in <48 hours, and repeat until you're as far back as you need to be.

However, if the signal jamming time is longer than (48h-[optimized machine completion time]), it creates a barrier that Okabe can't go beyond using this trick. That was my thinking, anyway. That means it's too late for him to go peek at Kurisu's laptop, or save Kagari, or do other stuff that might be pretty useful...

And him going in the time machine changes nothing. If Mayuri can't do it, he can't. The reason it fails is it gets blown up/off course, not that the wrong people are in it.
At the very least, the time machine can't get blown up if Okabe gets on it, since he is immortal in this time period of this worldline.. So I thought it'd be interesting to try and abuse that god mode. He does it a little bit when he tackles Terminator Kagari, but why not take it to the limit?

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