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Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
Okabe worries too much about those two. If he would activate his brain he'd see that there is no way they are dead.
The Beta lines future needs Mayuri to adopt Kagari, if that doesn't happen, Okabe's reader should activate and Kagari would either vanish completely or would suddenly Ruka's, Okabes or god knows whose adopted daughter. Otherwise you'd have a time paradox.

Kinda sad that Okabe doesn't realize that himself.
I'm not sure it was ever explained how the time machine works, but I always assumed the world line switched from a worldline where Suzuha never went back in time to one where she did when she used it. The future Suzuha came from doesn't exist anymore. This is supported by Daru's d-mail where he stated he isn't the father she knew. The again, there is Suzuha disappearing at the end of Steins;Gate once her mission is complete which contradicts that.

So yeah, basically, I'm confused.
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