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^I am in the same boat (that is my One Piece joke for the day ). Part of me simply wants Magellan to be taken down so that the plot can move along (if I was actually invested in Magellan as a character (like say he was the one personally beating Ace, or something that actually affects the story) then I might want to see a drawn out battle. But, as it is, Magellan seems to be nothign more than a strange obstacle in the way of Luffy's progression. Magellan is a little bit like the crazy chef that knew Ramen-Kempo from the Eneis Lobbey arc - they are both important to the organization they are apart of, but they are never built up as anything but 'named' cannon fodder.)

Then again, another part of me likes Magellans character design just enough that I want to see if his size (et cetera) actually helps in the battle. Plus, the fact that he is the Warden of Impel Down is pretty cool...
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