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Originally Posted by sanzo View Post
Good catch on the unable to use gear 3 thing. i didnt realize that. but i think if he did activate it anyway he would break to bridge they're on. Incidentally though i'd have to disagree with you on the luffy being shichibukia level yet. My reasons are the same as Blackbeards. Both croc and moria saw luffy as a regular rookie that they wouldn't have to break a sweat over and held back/only half fought because of it. Anyways how strong was nightmare luffy? shichibukia level?
Nightmere Luffy is beyond Oz's level XD I dunno he something like that could beat a Yonkou, but I think it supprassed shichibukai level XD

In One Piece I prefer to call it Luffy's super luck instead of plot devices XD This story is way better than Naruto because anything can happen

Ok, so Croc and Moria were beaten by luck, but what about Luffy now? Would he beat Croc easily? We know that Buggy or Mr.3 wouldn't be much of a fight.

I thought of something that could prove that Ace could be on level 6. Level 5 suppose to be for 100 000+ bounties, right? Than what about Croc - he was below that bar and even if it was said that he would be doubled - he was caught and no rising should happen. Why is he on Ace's level when his bounty wouldn't suggest him being worth it... that would mean that this level is for people that are just too dangerous, like the prison in Bleach where Mayuri was kept :P
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