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Originally Posted by Wolcik View Post
Blackbeard D. Kuma
Prestige you're missing the point of Logia. Any Logia user can become the element, and if Magellan were logia than Luffy wouldn't be able to hit him like marvelB pointed out. Instead of becoming the element he used it to push through it - if he was logia he would dissolve and show up at the end of hydra's mouth instead (he used it like Iceman from X-men). He is paramencia like Mr.3, he creates poison like Mr.3 creates wax and that's it.
You pointed out that he looks like melting, but that's his ability and the posion that he creates all over his body - the heat just makes it evaporate quickly. He was like that back in Ace's level and it wasn't hot up there.

Your really missing the point here - Blackbeard said it himself that he is the only one logia user that can't turn into element.
Logias can dissolve to element to avoid physical attacks but so far several logias has been received physical strikes;

Smoker (by suprise)
Crocodile (by moisture)
Enel (by rubber)
Ace (by suprise)

Avoiding physical blow as Logia seem to require atleast some level of focus and we don't know what is Magellans fruits (if it is Logia) vulnerability, perhaps it is heat or perhaps Luffy's Jet bazooka just connects in blink of eye that no time to dissolve to avoid blow.

DON'T FORGET LUFFY'S HAKI. If Luffy's attack was infused by Haki then Logia is unable to absorb it, Luffy has Haki of the Kings but he is quite ignorant of his power and he cannot control it yet so its random and seem to be tied to his emotions...and Luffy was quite emotional during his attack, even going far enough to sacrifice his hands, he could very possibly to infuse some Haki to his attack to connect blow succesfully.

If we take Luffy's possible haki to account then Magellan being Logia would be more realistic... it would be good enemy to force Luffy master his haki.
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