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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Actually, his extreme sweating would take care of some of the poison (he could excrete the poison, much the same as you can sweat out a cold), and Gear 2 would almost expel the poison (since his blood literally begins to boil). Added to that, a poison effects a slower paced heart far more leathally than a heart that is beating fast (yet another reason why Gear 2 is useful against poison). Added to all of this is Luffy's high metabolism which lets Luffy break down the poison and expel it faster (overall if an antidote is not around, and you cannot not forcibly extract a posion, the best way to get rid of it is to force it to run faster so that it can be expelled faster with less damage to the body). Eating a lot of food could also help to lessen any extreme reactions.

So, over all, besides inevitable heat exhaustion and dehydration, Luffy is technically in a better position for a battle with a Poison user than if he were to have fought him in Level 1/2 or Level 5.
That's actually saying that if he beats Magellan in next one or two chapters than he will go eat as he wants... how many tasty beast are in level 5? I don't think that he'd eat Koala XD
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