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Originally Posted by Cinocard View Post
Well, I don't think you should look to deep into this. It really depends on what kind of toxic there are.

For example, many lethal gas may enter the body through not only breathing, but also through your skin, and sweating, making sweat gland open bigger would be fatal. His rising body temperature would also push the chemical reaction into another level. Or many particular toxic would only react in acidic or base environment, or put a hole in or stomach, and eating certainly isn't a great idea. I also don't see why touching acid with a heated body is a better idea.

Again, only Oda is the one with the final saying.
We shouldn't forget that Oda like most artist doesn't know any of this. So when one day someone asks him question about whenever Magellan poison should work better or worse on Luffy because of blood pressure and tempreture he'd be like:
"Hey, I made them swet and complain that it's hot, right?"

It's like with the hair burining thng - a common knowladge for some (even for people that just have a lot of free time and a lighter to play with) - but doesn't have to do anything with One Piece.

It's like a fan studies sience or biology so they can point such thing, but the autor actually study drawning stuff and has to make story on his own basics - as you progress with drawning you find that learning math and sience becomes harder and harder.
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