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Originally Posted by Prestige View Post
After reading chapter I kinda ended up believing Magellan IS Logia user.

He pretty much dissolved to poison at some points and he seem to extract poison from any part of his body.

I don't think Blackbeard who is also logia user could completely vaporize to his fruit element, travel and emerge again. I think that there is quite a lot of diffrences with Logia family fruits, only common element would be able to manipulate 'element' such as:


Crocodile could produce diffrent types of sand, so can Magellan produce diffrent types of poison. In this chapter Magellan seem to be completely formed from poison, even his face is melting from heat.

Paramecia that most closely resembles Magellans fruit is Mr.3's Doru Doru wax paramecia fruit, but however even if Wax is very vulnerable to heat hes body won't show signs of melting, only if he summons his power wax starts to melt immediatly.

Logia users are so much one with their element that heat of Level 4 is actually infecting Magellan physically bringing out his elemental body properties.

Marvel based his argument that Magellan is paramecia because he used Venom road to travel instead just vaporizing into poison and appearing next ot Luffy, I think that in Venom road he actually proved he is Logia, he dissolved entire lower body to poison and formed road with it, I doubt that paramecia could do such.

Also I doubt that Blackbeard could vaporize into darkness and move around without physical form, I think that some Logia's you cant turn 100% into elemental form.
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