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Originally Posted by azul120 View Post
Rolo's problem, though not simply his own, was that he was chronically one-track minded, to the point that he only thought about Lelouch and no one or nothing else, even though the other Ashford student council members, Shirley included, were nothing but nice to him.
I think that perhaps, he couldn't really value their treating him well while their memories had been altered, because he knew they were "seeing" Nunnally rather than directing their friendship to him. Lelouch's kindness did affect him though, because they spent a lot of time together and knowing Lulu's siscon they were probably veeery close as well, but Rolo was too introverted to really spend much time with the rest of the students anyway, so it could never occur to him that others would regard him as friend just because he was there (even though they did). He's fascinated by how family members share a bond simply because they are connected by blood, so I doubt he ever realized that usually people are willing to treat others nicely without paying attention to what they will gain from it. When Shirley recovered her memories, she mentioned wanting to bring Lelouch's happiness back through reuniting him with his sister Nunnally almost right away, so her "threatening to separate Rolo from Lelouch's side" (as he must have interpreted her words, since Nunnally's return equals his expulsion) would convince him even more of his idea that nobody but Lelouch could ever appreciate his existence. I'm sure he would have been shocked to discover Milly still missed him after she had already gotten her real consciousness back (during PD9); he has been called a tool too often to expect that the average individual will most likely esteem him as a human, and that's why he can't even imagine that miraculously-incredibly-kind-souls like his brother's are actually not so rare as he believes .
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