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Chapter 699
That was a good chapter. With the way Akoiji sounds, the bridge between Akainu and him was not burned badly. It was smart of Akainu and Akoiji to stay in contact with each other, it will benefit them in the long run. Has for Daflamingo he is pretty clam for the situation he is in. I agree with Franky that it is bad to have things go smoothly. Dressrosa should be interesting, I think it will be a trap. I wonder if Akoiji will show up there too?

Dressrosa's forcast chaos and destruction?
It sounds like Dressrosa will be action pack from beginning to end. The country's King has just stepped down, renounced his title has Shichibukai, thus making him a pirate and outlaw to the WG. On top of that the WG knows about the alliance between all the supernovas, country itself maybe in a power vacuum, and with Smokers report and Akoiji suggestion(dispatching Admirals), I expect to see Admirals, Shichibukai, and Luffy, Law Alliance. Maybe surprise guests from the other supernova Alliance (Kidd, Hawkins, Apoo)? Hope we get to see new Admiral or Admirals. I also hope Luffy and Zoro get to show off there stuff (especially Zoro).

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